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If its dead then we can eat it - much easier to consume when its not kicking you in the face (think about what I'm saying here).

2 years, 11 months ago on Everything Is Dead


Just tried installing it and I'm still scratching my head over why it ain't working on a self hosted wordpress site.  Pity. might try it again, someday when I have 5 minutes to spare, probably far far away in the future. :(

3 years ago on The Art of Growing Up in Public as @JugnooMe v2.0 is Released


People who spend so much time on social media should not be talking about social media. Its incestuous.

Try applying all these wonderful shiny toys to something real, then see the results, form the opinion, understand the market. All I see in most of these "social rockstars" is people who love geek stuff, spend alot of time at conferences talking about how feckin amazing they are and NEVER ever actually try applying them to real situations. Oh sure, they quote this data or that, but none have real hands on expertise. If they claim that they do, I would wonder HOW as ALL they seem to do is go to conferences or be on planes.

Thats what makes this statement by Scobles all the more ridiculous. Hes making out that friends and engagement are exclusive to an online environment and as someone disagrees hes telling them they are friendless. Just hold the phone here. No in fact, forget it.. I'm off to the pub to see my "friends"... you can read about it later on FB or Twitter, or Google... I might even blog it..

3 years, 7 months ago on Lessons From An Asshole


@Danny Brown @3HatsComm Dammit Danny, how come your always able to say what I think Im saying in a way that I should be saying it.... Rosa Parks, proud to have the namesake!

What a woman.

I bet her Klout score is in the triple figures ;P

4 years, 4 months ago on The Problem with Influence


@Danny Brown Ahhh Fraggle rock... brilliant...I know a song about that which involves swinging a fraggle aropund your head...

4 years, 4 months ago on The Problem with Influence


I love these words like influence, reach...and klout and anything else thats become the web 2.0 bastard child of convaluted words to knock around and make out like they actually mean anything at all when in the real world...most of us have no idea what the hell it all means or even how it matters to the business we are in.

The vast majority of "influencers" today are heavily orientated towards the techie and PR tech sector anyway and if any of us have any real world experience we will know that no one ever listens to them about any other aspect of the world expect their single particualr niche anyway.

The irish in me requires I make this statement. "Its all a load of bollocks".

There I feel better now.

One final thing. I am NOT the #1 entrepreneur in the universe. At least, not in this universe anyway. ;P

4 years, 5 months ago on The Problem with Influence