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@VolTN @TravisChumley Gruden is one of two including Stoops but possibly the only coach that could walk into the UT job tomorrow and rival Saban in a recruits eyes. He can get in any home of any player he wants. He is a rock star and would recruit that way. In case you haven't noticed recruiting is the key to winning. Yes you have to coach them up but if you take a 3* and a 5* and equally improve each the 5* wins out 90% of the time. The teams that recruit at the top finish at the top in most cases. Gruden would instantly turn UT into a top 3-5 ranked class this year and with the instate talent and legacy players in the '14 class possibly a top ranked class next year. He would bring in a dream team of assistants that are proven recruiters. They would have the soon to be completed $40,000,000 state of the art best in the industry football complex to sale. It is a recruiter in itself with the latest bells and whistles to go with a state of the art weight room, medical center with MRI machine, 2 mini swimming lanes for no-stress rehab, a pharmacy, meeting rooms with latest audio video, and locker room with iPod docks for every locker etc... Just to highlight a few things. No expense was spared and for the next year or two nothing compares. If you don't think Gruden would be a monster of a closer you haven't watched his quarterback series with the top QB's coming out. The FFCA member (lol) is a very charismatic guy he walks into the living room and mom is charmed while Dad instantly is impressed. He says we have the VFL program, state of the art facilities, play in the SEC in front of 100,000+ every week. Every NFL general manager has me on speed dial because they all wanted to hire me the last few years. I will turn your son into a NFL player but we also have the support staff to get that diploma in the process. Ohh and yeah there is this little ring I wear sometimes that says SuperBowl Champion on it. If you don't believe I'm enough on my own I also have the highest paid most over qualified staff of assistants in the free world. (That's one demand he's making which is insanely smart IMO not just a top 5 possibly new top salary for himself but another $4 million or so for assistants.). We have X number of former NFL and College head coaches on staff along with the best group of position coaches that was out there. UT spared no expense in bringing everything and everyone your son needs to help your son reach his dreams. If anyone doubts that Gruden wouldn't be successful at UT they are insane. If you don't think his wife doesn't push for him to take her closer to her parents and back home then you have never gazed out and looked at the Great Smokey Mountains. Kenny Chesney made a fortune with the song back where I come from for a reason its everyone's dream to grow up in that environment. Cindy will be a part of why he chooses UT. So lets see great X and O's coach possibly greatest offensive mind in game and every great offensive recruit in the nation would drool to learn from him. Tireless worker who would put every bit of effort and energy into being the best. Wife happy wile he works because she and kids have her family as a support system and kids are growing up where she did while being close to her family. Assistant coaches best in business some of the names rumored are Raheem Morris, Ron Zook, Marion Hobby on defense. Rich Biacosso who UT has tried and came so close to closing the deal but unsuccessfully hired for what seems like the last 5 years and is considered one of if not the top special teams coaches out there. Jay Graham already on staff a proven recruiter and RB coach. Tee Martin who recruited well at Ky and continues to succeed after being hired by USC and Kiffen last year would run home to coach on Rocky Top if given a call. He pretty much has his pick of offensive assistants for obvious reasons. The University has given him complete authority with only Hart to answer to no middle men to go through for needs, only yes sir Mr Gruden ill go get it employees. He has the entire football budget to spend how he wants with only Hart allowed to ask questions or say no to a request. He will have every resource at the University including as many support staff, academic aids, etc... That he deems necessary. No excuses and he is probably the only coach besides Saban that could even get an administration to consider let alone give him that much control and resources. So you have a cant miss recruiter, who is also a tireless worker, knows what it takes to be a successful head coach, the staff he wants with the $$$ to get them, and the united fanbase of The University of Tennessee backing his every move. He had done his research and due diligence so nothing will surprise him about the college game. His personality will be great for college football. He is as close to a sure fire winner as it gets. Even if he wants to go to the NFL in 3-4 years (which I don't see) just the talent alone he will bring into the program makes him a great hire. This is as close to a no brainered as it gets and if you can't see that I can't help you. He isn't walking into the job Dooley took 3 years ago either. This UT is stable with a core group of steady, reliable, good character young men. He has a full roster with 4 offensive linemen (along with 2 steady backup with a lot of experience) returning that have given up only 7 sacks through 11 games while greatly improving the run game without a 5* true feature back like he could have next year. Ohh and they all will play on Sundays before they are done. With or without Bray you have a very well stocked group of talented QBs, your entire 3 deep at backfield minus your H-back. Day worse case no Patterson and Hunter he still has plenty of weapons at wideout including Pig Howard who has gotten better and played more every week. Rivera is gone but Croom will be a beast at TE almost unguardable. Ohh yeah those recruits again that can play early like all 5*s want for a veteran laden offense especially where it starts in the trenches. The defense needs help but has some real talent at LB and the line has potential if coaches up. The back end has holes but Vonn Bell and Mackenzie Alexander plug two big ones. With Randolph coming back healthy and Coleman improving there is some potential. There is enough experienced talent on campus to have a upperclass group to lead while you can plug a 5* here and there while selling that early PT to be a solid team next year. With the available talent in '14 he could realistically without any once in a lifetime (cam newton) type player taking over set a 3 year goal of having this program back on top. On top to stay with a deep talented roster that could be handed off to whoever he picks to groom into the next coach should he decide that being an Icon and worshipped while having a happy wife and life isn't enough. I don't see it if he comes he's here until he decides to hang up the whistle and return to the booth. Even if he's the biggest flop in history which has near zero odds if your taking bets then Hart still has a job because every AD in the country would've done the same thing. You immediately get fiscally sound with new revenue from season tickets and merchandise sales just from the excitement he will bring regardless of wins and losses for at least 3 years. Don't make the hire and if its known you could've unless your hire is winning 12 every year then Hart probably signed his own pink slip. This is the easiest hire in CFB history the hard part is in the details. There is only one guy for this job right now and I think UT and Hart know this. Can you imagine the atmosphere in Bryant-Denny next year, 3rd Saturday in October, Saban welcomes Gruden for the first time. This is too easy!!!!

2 years, 5 months ago on As The Gruden Turns: Hogs Swing And Miss, Vols On Deck (And Sources Say They’re In Good Shape)