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 @Chitownrolltide  I like the basic idea if we have to go to 16.  However, with upcoming playoffs I do not see the advantage other than money.  It will also be interesting how conf. champs are determined,  playoff between the 4 divisions? then bowls? then the 4 team playoff.  Seems a 10 or 12 team conf. would be more likely to be in the top 4 when playoffs are selected.


I disagree on FSU money is important but talent is too.  Look at the Big10 they fight for top revenue with the SEC but they don't have access to talent especially DL talent.  FSU locks up the 2 biggest schools in a top3 talent producing state, as well as the TV sets that go with it (in a state with multiple big markets) for the SEC.  NC State would be my 2nd choice.  After those 2 condidates get hard to find.  I don't want Texas and their drama.  Oklahoma maybe hard to get away from Okie Lite and Texas.  L'ville, GT, and Clemson do not pickup enough talent or TV sets but could be a space filler to level the divisions.

2 years, 5 months ago on Virginia Tech AD Weaver Talks SEC; Twitter Melts