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Not something you can chuck in your glovebox and forget about though is it?

4 years ago on iPad Becomes Owners Manual - [CONCEPT, VIDEO]


That is actually quite awesome.

4 years ago on Apple Releases FREE Set Of Development Books For iOS


Waste of a good iPad which could have been sent to me.

4 years ago on Guy Cuts Cylindrical Chunk Out Of iPad, Mails It Back To Steve - [VIDEO, Updated]


I don't have any address information or card information linked to my iTunes account, so the only credit that can be used to buy stuff is 95p left of iTunes Store Credit. :P

4 years ago on WARNING: Fraudulent iTunes ‘App Farms’ Return, Here’s What You Need To Know!


No CD drive in MBP = Deal killer. For me by any means.

4 years ago on Apple To Kill The Optical Drive In 2011?


Seems the discounts aren't that great. We'll see what the UK brings but I doubt it'll be anything worthwhile.

4 years ago on Apple Online Stores Down Worldwide - [Updated x4]