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Guys & gals, sorry to be a bit "late to the game" - am catching up with some older posts...

Great thought-provoking topic (as usual on the Sports Networker), and great responses from some of the best minds out there in the sports & social media sphere!

I have also been thinking about this, maybe more from a European standpoint, and have also found myself, like Sam, regretting the lack of a dedicated, sports-specific "social network".
For me, the "need" for such a network (I totally agree it has to be defined) would arise not from the online interactions between members, nor even just from the real-life, "fan-specific" interactions between those members.
In my view, to justify its existence, the network would have to cater for my needs as a sportsperson, not just a sports fan. I need to be able to enthuse about my favourite sport, team or athlete (and current social-media channels allow me to do this already in a pretty targeted manner), but I also need to share my own sports-related experiences with like-minded sportspeople. I need to share my victories, my frustrations, my training or competition tips; I need to be able to ask for advice from fellow sportspeople whom I have come to appreciate & trust, because they are active fans themselves, some of them with exactly the same sports interests as myself, some of them geographically close to me, others not.
The community I need to create is not just around the sport, team or athlete I admire - it needs to be created around me as an active sportsperson. Then, I think, would it make sense for such a community to exist on a separate platform than, as a separate entity from, those which are already available.

Looking forward to reading your further thoughts about this!
Gabriel ( @gabman + @mangano management )

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4 years, 4 months ago on Where Are The Sports Social Networks?