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Having made the cross country move several times, here's my advice...

Sell/donate everything you can. A new place deserves new stuff. Also, that $600 couch you bought 4 years ago will cost you $100 more to move. Save the moving expense, sell the couch, and buy something once you're here.

Get rid of your car unless it's brand new. Bringing a car into CA is expensive and a pain in the ass. You'll be living with all kinds of mass transit nearby. If you discover that you will need a car to commute it's cheaper to buy one here that already meets all of CA's standards. Spending a couple of months without a payment, insurance, and parking fees will do nice things to your wallet too (like allowing you to buy replacement stuff for what you didn't haul out from MO). Consider buying in to the CarShare program...

As far as the place in MO - sell it. Managing a property from long distance is a nightmare and if you're not careful it will become a giant money suck.

And finally, hang out with me often. I'm ten minutes from SF.

4 years, 4 months ago on I’m Moving Back to California