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Statement about schools spending too little not being accepted is a difficult pill.  They can't spend what they don't have.  What about potential? Give them access to the funds and see what they do.   Example, ECU is only 10 spots or so lower than the lowest ranked teams in your list.  Even with the lower ranking, the Pirates dominate local TV markets with very strong audiences in four of the top 50 US media markets. These four markets located in NC/VA combined make the fourth-largest DMA in the country. The Pirates consistently deliver solid ratings in North Carolina; one of the fastest-growing states in the US and is second only to UNC in Average Ratings Against BCS AQ Opponents Airing on ESPN/ESPN2. Yes considerably ahead of "big sister NCSU".  In 2010 ECU was second in the nation for average attendance among BCS non-AQ teams behind BYU and significantly ahead of Utah, TCU, Air Force and Boise State. Take a look at ECU's facilities (all sports) which are top notch. The football game day atmosphere has been described by national media outlets as on par with the SEC. VaTech shot up when given Big East money/exposure.  The same would happen for ECU, the only North Carolina/FBS program truly committed to football.  Not going to happen but place ECU in the SEC.  Not only would the money be spent and spent well but the Pirates would be competing in the middle of SEC within a just a few years.   Just consider the potential:

2 years, 5 months ago on As Folks Work To Figure Out The Big Ten’s Moves, It’s Time For The SEC To Focus In On Six Possible Expansion Partners