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Just to remind you that the 47% was a Mitt Romney estimated. The real number was 50.6% that make 62,611,250 Americans voting for president Obama. If you check the unemployment data, you will find that as October, 2012 there are 12,258,000 Americans unemployed. They don't ask for political affiliations, but assuming half of them are Republicans, and the fact that almost all "red states" have a government subsidized agriculture economy, is obvious that there are more Republicans living with government help than Democrats.And the 47% number is stupid; just 8% of the American are unemployed and a a similar number has agricultural subsidized employs. That's it. You can not count people with disability, retired people with Medicare or Medicaid and people under the Federal Poverty Line because they will receive help any way by law under any government. 

2 years, 5 months ago on The 47% have no idea how much healthcare reform will cost them