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Still looking for answers and not getting any

Have been asking on the DMS 'paid user' forum for information about what is actually in the various DMS product purchase options. 

Including  - What  are "All Premium Products & Tools"

5 days since this paid user asked - no answer!

Try again - Where is there a complete product comparison and features list for the different DMS purchasing options? - please

And a guide to what it will cost to upgrade if you purchase a single year version?

This is not an unreasonable request, especially from a paying customer.

2 weeks ago on DMS 2 is here!


@mandrl @StefanC  

I've been asking this on the official "paid users' forum - and haven't had an answer for days - very disappointing for a company that you are basically paying 'forever'!

2 weeks ago on New packages and pricing.