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I hope this doesn't go through.  I live in Chicago (just about 7 miles west of Wrigley) but it is in an area where cabs are not available to hail on the street.  If I call and request one (whether it is in advance or for immediate pick-up) I am always told one will be there, but then I receive a call 10 minutes after the quoted arrival time only to hear that they couldn't find a cab.  Then I am stuck waiting even longer or having to cancel my plans.  Uber has been reliable 100% of the time and has been wonderful.  If Chicago cabs wanted my business, they would have been more prompt and available.  Their loss.  Uber is wonderful.  I don't mind paying their current rates (although I hope they don't increase more).  Fingers crossed.

2 years, 5 months ago on Proposed Chicago Regulations to Shut Down Uber Black – We Need Your Help!