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3 reasons why secession won’t work

I can see why so many are upset after the elections. There is the sense that government is not responsive to our real needs and desires.

But there are 3 reasons why secession won’t work.

1. The first is because it will NOT resolve the problem.

2. The second reason is the fact that a state is not a nation.

3. The third reason is that most people do not identify with a state as they do with the nation.

Like it or not, we Americans identify with America because it is our native land with a common history and culture.  We are proud to be American.

Secession is a superficial, knee-jerk, dead-end reaction that masks the real problem.  The real solution is to identify and address the root cause and deeper solution to our problems, which is done by the author John Horvat II in his article A Case Against Secession at

2 years, 4 months ago on Carts, Horses, and Secession