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Every good father needs a watch like this.  Knowing when to put the kiddies to bed, so you can begin to have a life, is probably more important than anything else.  At least, that's certainly how it feels at the time, anyway.  Cool-looking watch, Ariel.  

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A guy once told me, "Most people are born and then they spend the rest of their lives looking for another place to plug their umbilical cord into." As a result, when people hear the words "Free thought," they think that's something reserved for "great leaders" or "gurus." As if you need to apply to some secret society to become a leader or a guru.

What's really sad is, people don't understand you RARELY achieve success through some windfall transaction, or through a unique idea you came up with. The don't realize it's usually the aggregate of very small but very consistent actions, that produce incremental results time and time again.

And this isn't only in business. It's in physical conditioning, addiction recovery, or anything else that doesn't come easy. Which... is basically everything.

In business, most people are so preoccupied and overwhelmed because they're looking at the end result. If they instead just focused on making "one" dollar... and then the next dollar, and the next one after that... they'd soon see there's no magic to this stuff at all.

And there's certainly no "one way only" of doing anything. Which makes any kind of guru who takes a dogmatic position on anything, interesting to say the least.

It's just having the balls as you say, to do SOMEthing. And then, to do it again and again and again. The difference between failure and success, is the guy who fails and doesn't get dejected but instead takes another go at it, eventually becomes successful. That's it, plain and simple.

Nice post, Danny.

4 years, 5 months ago on Grow Some Balls