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The notary who granted the ownership of the sun is stupid.

Everyone knows that the sun is owned by Mr Burns.

And he have the best lawyers.

4 years ago on Top Five Stories Week Ending December 3


@ginidietrich @HowieG You need to watch Gladiator and 300 back to back. Then get outside and shout "Spartaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"!

I don't remember where I read this but someone once said that real leadership is to make people face their death without fear.

But it's entirely possible that I've just made it it up... :)

4 years ago on Terror Management Theory


@HowieG Wow! In this case it's more than Murphy's law, it's Murphy's wife law : my husband was an optimist.

4 years ago on TSA X-Rays, Enhanced Pat-Downs, and Traveling


@HowieG Totally agree with you. By definition a plot which would succeed would not be anticipated. By definition.

Of course it doesn't mean we should not take reasonable measures to prevent it. The problem will always be the blurry line between reasonable and unreasonable. To me, the anwser is a more pragmatic risk management approach rather than an irrationnal search for perfect security at all costs.

We tend to overestimate risks when we don't understand or can't control them.

For example, I have a client who wanted totally garanteed IT security after he saw some news report and I said to him, how many people can break into a computer? Not many. How many people can break the window next to your server and steal the server? A lot of people. Let's start by putting the server somewhere else before we install IDS systems and deploy crazy Firewalls...

BTW, maybe an interesting variation on the cucumber foil thing would be to go in your underwear with a rain coat over and when it's your turn you go "Woohoo!", drop the rain coat and start running in circle shouting "Elvis is not dead! Elvis is not dead!" with a tin foil hat on your head. Or maybe that's a bit too much? #PlanToEndUpInTheNeverHeardFromAgainCategory

4 years ago on TSA X-Rays, Enhanced Pat-Downs, and Traveling


@ginidietrich When your dog chew on something he souldn't, do you shout "Drop your weapon" in a menacing tone? :P

To answer your question about what I do, I am a web developper working on a few web apps. One is a specialised e-commerce and logistics solution for community supported agriculture networks, another is for costs management / hr automation for restaurants and caterers and I'm working on another for a specific segment in the travel space...

Good luck with your startup! How can it not succeed with a name like that!

4 years ago on Top 5 Stories for Week Ending Nov. 19, 2010


Being new here, I have one crucial question : What is Project Jack Bauer and is David Palmer involved?

4 years, 1 month ago on Top 5 Stories for Week Ending Nov. 19, 2010