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@awfulannouncing This is... I mean... I'm speechless. ESPN is so perplexing. IT's as if you went on a date with a charming, smart, attractive person, who had insightful thoughts and good ideas. Then, as you went in for the good night kiss, that person punched you in the groin or pulled your hair then pooped in their hand and smeared it on your car's windshield, the whole time you scream in agonizing pain, "WHY?!? WHY ESPN?!? THIS DATE WAS GOING SO WELL UNTIL YOU MYSTERIOUSLY DID SOMETHING NO ONE IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD WANT, OR EVEN ASK FOR!! YOU COULD HAVE BEEN THE ONE!!!" Then, a few days later, you're watching SportsCenter thinking, "I should give ESPN another chance..." until that dreaded graphic shows up on the left part of the screen... "Stephen A. Smith on Knicks." Click.

2 years, 2 months ago on Jay Mariotti is back to work at ESPN ...sort of | February | 2013


Well written article, as always. Reading the comments, you should ask your readers for what or when their "breaking point" was that caused them to stop watching ESPN (or diminish their viewing time) I will watch an occasional game (as long as Berman or Vitale aren't in the building) and 30 for 30, as well as PTI (I love when Wilbon calls out ESPN for Tebow-related stuff). My breaking point was pretty much Jets-tember when the Jets and Tebow were mentioned more than three times any other team or player for the month. I say we revolt against ESPN, and Awful Announcing leads the charge.

2 years, 5 months ago on ESPN's journalistic integrity coming under close examination