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Hi Lee, Great article and as a former middle school teacher for 32 years, I can totally relate. I, however, got out of the "circle" by retiring 4 years ago. As a 61 year old, I race cx in New England and I, like you, have had to adjust to the ever growing fields, talent and depth in the 55+ Category. At the big races like Gloucester, Providence and Northampton we regularly have 50 racers. My days of top ten finishes have been relegated to top 15-20 on a good clean day of racing. On the other hand, you were right on as I believe racing with this competitive group help me podium at Natz in the 60+ field.  So I look at it as paying my dues with the hope of reaping bigger rewards down the road.  So, hang in there until that day when you can break the circle, train on a regular basis and reward yourself with a nap in the afternoon. Hopefully see you in Madison if my hamstring heals, ah yes, I don't heal as quickly. 


Tim Leonard

2 years, 5 months ago on Being a Master: A Column by Lee Waldman