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Your story is familiar to me in several aspects and I just want to offer some encouragement. First of all, even if you end up continuing to supplement, it's okay. Before you know it that baby will be asking for solids and then you'll be able to gradually replace formula with nutritious foods while continuing to nurse on demand. I have a friend who had similar difficulties with her first baby (undetected UTIs apparently caused some of his trouble with weight gain) and ended up continuing the supplements but also the nursing. They had a beautiful nursing relationship until he weaned around age 3. With her second baby things went better and she didn't need to supplement at all. It's true that every baby is different. I do think having a hospital-grade pump on hand is a good idea -- I had to pump and supplement the first couple of weeks with my first but we did great after that. (I did use the pump at work later on, too.) Please allow yourself to feel good about the fact that you have a healthy, growing baby who is getting tremendous benefit from your nursing relationship with her. You've made good choices given a difficult set of circumstances.

2 years, 5 months ago on Breastfeeding When It Don’t Come Easy, Our Story