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I've been debating on whether I should do Truth in the Tinsel or stick with what we did last year, the Jesse Tree, but I think you've got me convinced!

1 year, 5 months ago on Truth in the Tinsel and other Advent Activities


Sweet!  I love this printable.  Happy Birthday to your mom!

1 year, 5 months ago on Happy Birthday to the Best Mommy and Nana Ever!


I love these ideas, especially that little plastic needle.  So clever!

1 year, 8 months ago on Busy Bags – How to keep a toddler busy so you can get stuff done!


I love your story.  Thank you for sharing.  I remember working so hard to make breastfeeding work with my first child.  It was so heartwrenching because my entire life, I'd planned on nursing my babies, just like my mom nursed all of us (I'm one of 7 and a twin).  I too, had done all of the proper homework and prep work to make it a success.  But I could not get my baby to latch or sustain it for very long.  It was a rough couple of weeks and we were so close to being where you are.  I still have my Medela SNS boxed up with all of my other breastfeeding gear!  It arrived in the mail the same day we had a good weight check for my daughter, so we didn't need it after all.  At 2 weeks, my baby was 14 ounces less than her birthweight.  The doctor said he would give us 4 days to make it work.  Fortunately, I got help from yet another lactation consultant.  One LC corrected one problem and the second one corrected another.  And finally, we were nursing well.  Here is part of my story, though our problems were different than yours:, I've known several women who were passionate about bfing and knew all the correct things to do who could not make it work.  I also know 2 women who had successfully bfed several babies but suddenly had supply issues with later babies.  So you can do everything "right" and still, things can go wrongly.  You've got a great perspective.  And the rest of the story, for me, is that my first child nursed exclusively until 17 months, and I just had my 3rd baby.  All were exclusively bfed.  So there may be hope for future little ones for you too! 

2 years, 5 months ago on Breastfeeding When It Don’t Come Easy, Our Story