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My first response when you said that you responded so quickly to "feed the baby" and started supplementing with formula rather than pumping was, "maybe I should have done that."  My son lost a pound of weight in the first week and took a week after his initial meconium poop to poop again.  It was scary.  Everyone told me he was fine....and then all of a sudden he wasn't fine.  I couldn't see the signs very's hard to think straight when you are newly postpartum.  I wish someone had alerted us sooner that we needed to start thinking about supplementing.  We were lucky to be able to supplement with donor breastmilk the entire first year of his life (I have no idea why I had the low supply but we had lots of latch issues, like you).  I am just completely traumatized by what I feel like I put my son through his first week.  I get that it wasn't on purpose.  But I can't get over it and never will.  I regret so deeply that he had to spend his first week of life starving and struggling and crying (oh, the crying).

2 years, 5 months ago on Breastfeeding When It Don’t Come Easy, Our Story