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It is the little attacks that add up over time.  Anyone who knows anything about military history/practices knows this.  Today it is a patch, tomorrow it may be signing a pledge to follow all orders without question or leave the service.  A war is decided by knowing your enemy.  Remember to study this one and find his weaknesses.  Don't advertise them yet but start learning how to exploit/defeat them.  Civilians will need all the military patriots to help them defeat our domestic enemies.  LONG LIVE AMERICA AND HER CONSTITUTION! Semper fi

10 months ago on Navy SEALs Ordered To Remove Navy Jack From Uniforms


It sounds good in theory, but I don't think a state's population could get enough coinage to  make it work.  The cost of such coins are  prohibitive.  I also fear there is not enough gold and silver in circulation to make coins out of.  I don't think the rich/banks will be willing to empty their safes to start a new monetary system.  I agree our federal printing/budgeting of money needs overhauling/replacing, but this plan needs more practical planning to work.

1 year, 9 months ago on End the Fed! Whether Congress Wants us to or Not!