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It is significant to note that the Colts turned the game around when they started going to a no-huddle offense.  This late in the game, the Lions defense was gassed.  They had been running around all day trying, sometimes with success, to catch up with the elusive Mr. Luck.  The Lions were already feeling the effects of this by the end of the third period.  How else to explain Fairly being literally bowled over by Luck later on.  The no-huddle offense plays to the benefit of the offensive line.  That is why Peyton Manning used it so extensively for so many years.  By the fourth quarter, big linemen like Suh and Fairly simply can not keep up the pace without the one or two minute rest periods afforded by the huddling of the opponents' offense.  Luck would be well advised to use it more extensively going forward...!

2 years, 4 months ago on Colts Monday Musings: These Colts Aren't Playoff Worthy


Can't agree with all of your self important hype!   Probably because you are too young to have seen him play you are quick to dismiss Bert Jones because he only played 6 years.  However, in that time and with the players he had available to work with, he elevated the Colts to serious contenders like no one else save John Unitas, himself,  who as you almost begrudging admit deserves to be recognized as the true pioneer of modern QBs  


As to your comment that you 'do not care' about Canadians, it only underscores how isolated you are by your own sense of self importance.  There is a much bigger world out there.  Get out and see a bit of it and you might come to appreciate that NFL football is a very, very small pond to play in compared to true global sports such as soccer where the players do not get a rest every 20 seconds but must run up and down the pitch non-stop for an hour and play both ways.  We could go on and on about hockey, rugby  and lacrosse but won't belabor the point.


As much as I have enjoyed watching the Colts with there terrific QBs including the newest, Andrew Luck, reality is that NFL Football is more hype than action.  Turn off the sound on your TV, watch a game in person and you quickly come to appreciate how ponderous and lethargic it really is.  Want a truly exciting football experience?  Check out the CFL, that's right, the Canadian Football League where there are only three downs, the field is 10 yards longer and considerably wider, no place for big, out of shape run stuffing linemen as predominate in the NFL.  



2 years, 5 months ago on 5 Reasons It’s Awesome To Be A Fan Of The Colts