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I am in Montreal and have been using the MagicJack for a few weeks and have had nothing but trouble. I have been on the support chat line for many hours trying to resolve the many many issues. First of all while on a call the phone will go silent after 5 minutes. This is every call. The MJ dial pad shows that the call is still in progress but there is nothing but silence and I have to redial the number. When people try and call me they get a busy signal even when the phone is not in use. The MJ support team have had me refresh, restart, upgrade and download a whole bunch of stuff but nothing has worked. I have finally lost my patience and will be going back to a regular phone line. Frankly the support team does not really know how to help in the most complicated cases. They added that I can't have Skype if I have a Magic Jack, they say I cannot use a router with a Magic Jack. Oh, and it is impossible to call toll free numbers in Canada from a Magic Jack. They don't offer this service in Canada. Honestly what a terrible waste of time and money. If you use it like a bit of a toy and make some long distance calls, for under 5 minutes of course, then you will be fine. Someone like me who travels for business and needs to have equipement that actually works, the MJ is not an option. It just isn't, and I tried my best to get that damn thing working. You get what you pay for. So watch out and don't do something crazy like cancel your home phone for something like this.

4 years, 5 months ago on The Magic Jack Review