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Jon, you pose an interesting question about standards that I think highlights the most important issue behind the perpetual buzz machine that is social media: a complete lack of standards. While I of course agree with the right to freedom of speech, I think social media has opened the global conversation up to the kind of inane blustery chit chat and commentary that should be reserved for nail salons and locker rooms. Diesel lucked out that the law school "controversy" leaked out into the twittersphere giving them brand exposure times a million, but I think this ad campaign points out a flaw not in the standards of the Brooklyn School of Law, but in the intellect and interests of the American public in general. Sure, everyone should have a voice and certainly everyone should use it. Social media is a great way to disseminate your ideas and generate conversation, but do we really have to resort to petty finger pointing, fabricated scandals, and false displays of dismay? The public should use social media outlets to discuss something with a little more substance. Like Bristol Palin on Dancing with the Stars.

4 years, 3 months ago on Underwear Models, Law Library, Twitter Bring Buzz to Diesel