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I used to not like being large chested. I have been large chested most of my life. I started developing really early. All the attention and the stares really made me self conscious. I remember in junior high school guys trying to touch my breasts on the bus. I never really thought of myself as sexy or attractive. I mean, how can I compare to the super models? I am like the total opposite. But last Christmas my mom bought me a book called "Loving the Natural Big Boobs Goddess: A Secret Look into the Pro-Busty, Anti-Diet, Anti-Breast Reduction Culture". It really changed my life. I didnt know so many people were in to my body type.  I remember thinking to myself that there was a part of me that sorta knew this all along. I mean there is some one for everybody right? It's not just a cliche. I met my husband about two months later because I felt better about myself and opened up myself to meeting the kind of guys who like my type. Once I looked around and knew what to look for he stood out like a bright neon sign. Its kinda hard to explain. Anyway, he loves my body,  I love my body and we are very happy together.

2 years, 5 months ago on Breasts: Is Bigger Better?