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@morganwarstlerWhile I wish you all the best, the staff at NSFWCORP aren't exactly pro-libertarian. There were a couple articles from a while back to this effect, several of which can be found  here: http://

2 years ago on Clay Shirky says NSFWCORP has unlimited cash. Great! Now we’re screwed


You know, for someone who seems to bash california (or san francisco) in every other post he makes, maybe you should consider moving. This may just not be the place for you.

Also, bragging about eating foie gras in a michelin starred restaurant is not exactly the way to endear yourself to the masses.

2 years, 2 months ago on Screw you, California — I ate foie gras last night. At a restaurant


I hope we can all agree that prop 13 was a horribly misguided piece of legislation. And yes, the California public university systems have been horribly mismanaged. As a student at the CSU with no intention of entering the tech industry, I still don't see why I should be the one punished for that. The program cuts that would have been forced had prop 30 not passed would have been devastating and made it essentially pointless for me to continue my degree here. I can't afford a private college at the prices they currently charge, even with financial aid, and I think a lot of people are in the same boat.


Entrepreneurs can move their businesses to Austin or wherever, but I would hope that they would, instead, recognize that for the most part they're horrifically overpaid and that they can afford to give some of that back to the community. Yes, the higher education system in the US and especially in california is broken, but I like to think your average entrepreneur can spare the new yacht rather than letting it collapse around our collective ears before it can be fixed.


Hell, maybe I'm the selfish one, but considering my student fees are already several thousand dollars above what they were originally envisioned to be when the CSU was founded, I like to think I have grounds for complaint.

2 years, 5 months ago on Proposition 30: Yet another way California screws entrepreneurs over