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"But how long will it take for West Virginia to tire of the travel issues and look once more for a new conference home? "

Well, that's a good question but first WVU would have to -

A) Find a major conference that actually wants them.

B) Be okay with giving up all their television rights to the Big 12 for the length of the current contract that they signed away when joining the conference.

1 year, 12 months ago on The Big XII, WVU Marriage Already Providing Some Expansion Lessons


 @John at MrSEC 


Did you just pull out the old "Its my game so its my rules" response?  What about the quality of your product?  Is it simply quantity over quality and you are limited in how much time you can spend on any one topic?  If there's no room for any real intellectual discussion on what you write . . . why do you let people comment at all?  Are you simply fishing for compliments?


I apologize for attempting to bring an opposing view to this site and pointing out a possible flaw to your metrics wherein power forwards or centers comprise 40% of a team yet 80-90% of your top 20 defensive players.  But I guess you have the numbers on your side. Please forgive me.


Great site John, keep up the good work! 

2 years ago on MU’s Oriakhi Earns’s “Defensive Player Of The Year” Award


I guess this is mainly for fun (a way to kill time) but its application is horribly flawed. It is completely slanted to big men.  I mean how is a guard playing out on the perimeter or following a shooter around the floor supposed to get defensive rebounds (by far the most important statistic in your formula)?


You could literally have Bruce Bowen, Ron Artest and Micheal Jordan in the league and none of them would make it in the top 10-20 defenders based on how you score this award.  The best defenders on the top two SEC defensive teams (Scottie Wilbeken and Trever Releford) are outside your top 30.  And I believe both were voted onto the SEC All-defensive team.  That should show you that you need to reconfigure your method of assessment.  This cannot be a pure stat award as there is no way to keep track of passes denied, shots contested, pressure applied, etc.

2 years ago on MU’s Oriakhi Earns’s “Defensive Player Of The Year” Award


I know John has been leading the charge that FSU has the "name recognition" to being value to the SEC.  And while I don't disagree that the Seminoles are nationally recognized, the truth is that they bring very little in monetary value to the conference.


Yes, they could provide another opportunity for a marquee matchup on Tier 1 or 2 in theory.  But in reality as a member of the SEC they would only be a top draw if they were beating other SEC teams once they entered their conference slate.  The SEC is not the Big 12 with 2 prominent programs (OU and Texas).  The SEC has 5-6 legitimate national powers and several other programs that have acheived a high level success in spurts.


Being the prettiest girl invited to the dance is great but being the 5th or 6th prettiest girl . . . doesn't add much value to the dance and that's what the Noles will be . . . just another pretty girl at a dance already filled with beauty pageant contestents.


The future of the SEC is the SEC Network and this is where FSU doesn't bring value.  Is CBS and ESPN really going to pay another 20-25 million a year if FSU joined the SEC?  "Wow, we don't get any more game but one or two of those might have FSU in them?  Awesome!  Here's a suitcase full of cash, DEAL!!!"


And in the framework of the SEC Network, value is gained by adding both new territories and teams with big followings in those territories.  As the flagship state university with the biggest alumni base, UF already delivers Florida to the nth degree.  The suggestion that FSU can "REALLY deliver Florida . . . or at least continue to deliver it, is foolish."  While FSU has value for other leagues that create conference networks or are looking to add more marquee teams (B1G, Big 12, ACC, etc) it has limited value to the SEC.  And unless the big push switches from wholly or partially owned conference networks to big broadcast network contracts (which is highly unlikely) FSU is going to end up going elsewhere (as will Clemson for the same reasons).

2 years ago on FSU A.D. Spetman Talks Openly About Switching Conferences… And The SEC


The league's neglect of college basketball has been both ongoing and pervasive.  How one of the richest conferences in the nation could field so many high level and championship caliber sports (womens basketball, baseball, soccer, gymnastics, softball, tennis, golf, swimming, etc) and yet fail to invest the necessary resources in the second most popular and visible college sport defies comprehension.  There is no leadership from the top.  The league needs to emphasize this product for financial purposes.  Thankfully the league let teams know they needed to improve their non-conference schedule but in the short term that just exposed our relative weakness to the rest of the country.

2 years, 2 months ago on With UK's Loss, SEC Looking More And More Like A 3-Bid League


One other comment.  While the SEC administrators might take pause do to the complexity of adding Texas A&M and Missouri those schools have brought immediate dividends.  A&M has brought the country extra attention (who would have thought that possible?) and a Heisman Trophy winner while Missouri is carrying the flag for the leagues basketball programs in the polls right now.  If you think SEC basketball is getting slammed now for just having Florida and Missouri as top 25 caliber teams, imagine that same argument with just "Florida" as the only quality program this year.

2 years, 2 months ago on Big Bang Theories: The Countdown To Super-Conferences (Part 4)


I don't see how adding 3 teams from the same state is going to do anything but hurt revenue for the SEC Network (which is a very important consideration for expansion).  NC State may not have the same following at UNC but a previous poster was right, Duke post-Coach K, could be a very different animal and by the time Duke were to join the SEC he would be almost 70.  Duke is a gem right now but not a long term jewel.  Their biggest card is being joined at the hip with UNC (so basically UNC has all the power).  UNC is the biggest dog in the park right now but I look at the Wolfpack as having a lot of potential that could be exploited with SEC membership (similar to what South Carolina has done and Texas A&M is probably going to do).


I also believe the Big 10 could make a move to take Florida State.  Delaney is very secretive so I wouldn't expect this to leak out until the wheels were already turning.  The reason is simple . . . the Big 10 recognizes the importance of the South and the biggest prize they could get (by far) outside of Notre Dame for their league network, football prestige and recruiting is FSU.  Sure, FSU is not in the AAU (neither is Notre Dame) but the upside of putting the Big 10 network in the 4th largest state's cable systems is enormous.  Picking up a Georgia Tech for their academics and the state of Georgia (as well as a travelling companion) is a good match.  Plus, while Georgia Tech might not get the Big 10 network on a lot of cable networks in the state of Georgia, the combination of Ga Tech and FSU is a much stronger sell given the proximity of FSU to Georgia and the large number of FSU grads living in the state.  Combine that with a Virginia/Va Tech or UNC/Duke addition and the Big 10 will be very well positioned in the coming decades.

2 years, 2 months ago on Big Bang Theories: The Countdown To Super-Conferences (Part 4)


Georgia is benefiting from playing against average to bad defenses (Florida, Ole Miss and Auburn)?  What?  Florida has a bad to average defense in SEC Play?  Really?  Are you sure about that?


National Rankings Total Defense

Auburn - 90th

Ole Miss - 55th

UF - 5th


SEC Rankings Total Defense

Auburn - 13th

Ole Miss - 10th

UF - 3rd


Which of these things is not like the other?

2 years, 4 months ago on Power Rankings - 11/13/12