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hello machrocket -


those 55 electoral votes would have gone to obama no matter how californians voted.  obama is the manchurian candidate who was selected and groomed long ago for this one performance -  to be the first usurper illegal alien dictator of america under the un charter.  the officials in this state are pretty fully in enthrallment to the un and agenda 21.  it's quite sad and not a little scary.


actually, i am apolitical.  but i agree that we need more sane people of all kinds to see the ubiquitous red flags and engage their critical thinking skills to take action.   like right now.


no one is going to like living under global communism.  i wish those who are pushing for it, who are at the same time protesting gmos, smart meters, and loss of freedoms, would make the painfully obvious connection between these crimes and obama's un collectivism.   though it does seem that the number of awake humans grows larger by the hour.  seriously.


and how nice to be able to say 'agenda 21' openly here  ~  thanks.


nice to meet you all.


cheers -




2 years, 5 months ago on Alabama Governor to Block State Health Exchange?


i am in california but i just called bentley's office to thank him for upholding the tenth amendment.  we do not have anyone like that here.  we are being used as the model agenda 21 state.  that is why prop 37 - gmo labeling failed.  californians went all out for this but voter fraud and the Center for Food Safety, a UN NGO,  made sure it did not happen.  i hope bentley will also nullify anything having to do with un agenda 21because the healthcare abomination and gmos, along with every other aspect of control over our lives, falls under the aegis of the united nations.  please be vigilant.  do not end up like california.

(though i admit i did invite governor bentley to relocate to california.  except for the chemtrails we do have better weather  :  )

2 years, 5 months ago on Alabama Governor to Block State Health Exchange?