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Love this  series of posts really interesting and usable you must write more :) . I think with more and more people hitting mobile and twitter youtube etc quality copy that gives the user a feeling is going to become more and more important.


I used to work with someone who was a bit of a word evanglist and had the uncanny knack of  changing an ad/email/website copy only slightly using power words and increasing conversion. I remember him adding "discover" to every listing (there were alot) on a client eBay account suggesting that Humans find it very difficult to read discover without finishing the line. Sales went up the company expanded into a new premises.


The word because is also powerful marketing word


He gave me these books and they have been on my desk and suggested to anyone in marketing ever since. They are basically thesaurus or power words.



2 years, 4 months ago on Identify your Link Prospects Preferred Representational System