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A lot of football to be played.  Oregon is looking tough (I personally think that they're the best team in the country), but injuries are stacking up and they've got 3 TOUGH games remaining (Stanford, Oregon St and the Pac12 title - Can UCLA beat them?  Can they beat USC twice, particularly if those injuries keep mounting?).  Notre Dame has to go out to USC (and I don't think Notre Dame is that good), where we'll see how they match up - USC's offense against Notre Dame's defense.  K State still has to take on utexas (yes, I'm an Aggie), and they've got the talent to pull the upset and that conference is incredibly balanced, so even the game against Baylor isn't a gimme.  Based upon what I am looking at, I'd argue the SEC champ still has a 50/50 shot at this thing...

2 years, 5 months ago on LSU's Miles Campaigning For The SEC Champ To Reach BCS Title Game