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Thank you CX Mag for such a great review! - Who can argue with a review that says it would choose Retroshift CX over the shifters offered by the big names!  - We are thrilled!  I will just say I am a fan of all the other shifters out there and for use on the road will likely recommend the big names over our product BUT for CX you now have a system built specifically for the conditions we love - Mud & Abuse.


Just a couple of notes I think will be of added benefit to anyone looking at CX shifters as an option:


1.  While one of the benefits of the system is the ability to use it with such a wide range of older parts (even vintage gear as Andrew did) it really should be used with current derailleurs to get intended performance.  If used with a Shimano 9 or 10 speed front derailleur you will get incredibly fast and effortless front shifting PLUS the ability to trim the derailleur (Dura-Ace won't even do that!).


2.  We are now offering our own shift levers (Made by Microshift - who have been great - thank you guys!).  These levers are custom made for us to our specifications and are not the same as the stock offerings.  Please note that stock Microshift levers will have issues if used as part of the system.


3.  Weight.  At 388 grams CX2's sit comfortably at about 50 grams under the weight of Ultegra 6700.  With our shift levers you will save a few more grams.


4.  While our system is considerably less expensive than our competitors integrated shifters there is also a further additional savings.  If you crash and mangle a shifter (any amount of damage) we will re-build the unit (left or right) back to full operating condition for just $24. The amount of money that can be saved racing with CX shifters will allow you to spend the money on liter wheels/tires etc (build a faster bike).


5.  American manufacturing and assembly.  Patent pending parts are engineered by Mark Dinucci (you are a god Mark, thank you) then machined, anodized and laser engraved by a small herd of goats here in Portland, Oregon.  Tektro levers we utilize (from the super wonderful people at Tektro - we love you!) are disassembled and worked on here also before being re-assembled.  All time consuming and skilled work that we are proud we have done right in our backyard/Portland.


Thank you all who have already made the jump and for all the great feedback.  Our system is very much a product of the weekend races and we will continue to develop it with racer feedback.





Adam Clement

Slave to Goats

Retroshift LLC Portland, OR 



2 years, 5 months ago on Retroshift’s CX2 Shifters Review: Prioritizing Reliability and Simplicity for the Mud and Muck of Cyclocross