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Chad has it mostly correct.  But Romney did bash Tesla, and incorrectly lumped it in with Fiskar.


Tesla is a radically better vehicle than the Karma and Tesla as a company looks to be radically more successful as well.  They are up to over a thousand reservations per month, with 14,000 reserved for the S and another 2,000 reserved for the X (which will start production in about a year).  This is despite the fact that Tesla has fewer than 20 showrooms worldwide and doesn't spend a dollar in advertising (again, unlike Fiskar).


The only question about Tesla as a company has been whether they would be able to ramp up production to the levels needed to be profitable.  Their goal is 400 cars per week and as of the end of October they were producing ~200/week and expecting to finish ramping up to their goal by December.  It is now highly unlikely they will fail to do so, and given the rapidly growing demand and recent spate of major automotive awards, Tesla looks to become quite profitable by the middle of next year.

1 year, 8 months ago on Tesla Model S named the Motor Trend Car of the Year