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The BCS bowls are allowed to switch teams to create better matchups, current? Any chance the Orange and Sugar make a theoretical swap to send say Mizzou to the Orange bowl to play Clemson (Auburn would be a rematch, right?). Sugar could still get say Michigan State/OK/Stanford vs. UCF.

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based on 2012 attendance numbers (I know its actually a 2 year rolling period), the following schools don't qualify for FBS: Idaho, New Mexico, San Jose, FAU, FIU and Akron and Eastern Michigan. So the Sun Belt would be a 9 team league, the MAC a 11 team and the Sun Belt a 12 team league again.  This number would of course go drastically up at 20,000 instead of 15,000.

FCS that qualify for FBS are: Delaware, Montana, Montana St., North dakota state.

These are the teams that would have the most difficult decisions to make. 

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Has anyone evaluated conference realignment based on game theory? I think this is an important question in who lands where.

For example: Big 10 and SEC both have interest in UNC, Duke and Virginia. Big 10 would also take Georgia Tech, SEC might be interested in Virginia Tech and NC State but those are of less value (according to this article... which confuses me since Raleigh is a big market, but I guess has fewer fans). So, assuming those schools would all go to either conference, some questions arise: 


Is it worth it to go to 18 instead of 16?

IS it worth taking 2 in 1 state if your only going to 16?3 if your going to 18?

Would Duke/UNC split up?

What is the value of going first on perception versus taking "left-overs?"

Can Big 10/ SEC make more money by cooperating than by competing in this instance?



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Interesting situation coming up. If BCS Standings stay the same, SEC might could only get 1 team in to the BCS at all. Kansas State is number 1, so Fiesta could chose Notre Dame as a replacement. Rose gets Stanford to replace Oregon and winds up with Nebraska from the Big 10. Fiesta chooses again, gets Oklahoma. Sugar has Bama/Georgia as SEC champion. Orange has Florida State/Big East Champ. Sugar's only options would be another SEC team or Clemson.

2 years, 5 months ago on SEC Still Has Slim Title Hopes After Short BCS Drop For Bama