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Don't reach young blood, don't reach. 

2 years, 5 months ago on List of potential nicknames for Kyrie Irving's Crossover | August


I don't think Waiter's was being bothered by the a deep thigh bruise and what I have heard is that Scott was not pleased with Dion's play in the game and thus he sat him for most of the second half and all of the fourth quarter. But Scott wouldn't elaborate on why he was displeased. That being said, Dion was balling in the first quarter, making step back shot after step back shot. However I don't Bryon likes those types of shots, where barely any offense is run and Dion will put up a ridiculously hard shot. Although he's a baller and continues to make them, but I believe Scott wants to send the message that the better basketball play is to try to find a more makable shot in the offensive set because it will result in more wins, even though he continues to make them, he won't be able to make them all season. And a miss with that type of shot almost always will piss Scott off. Hopefully that message will be sent to Dion, because as everybody can tell. Dion is a baller and alongside Kyrie, we have THE best backcourt in the leg. Better than the Prince down south and his running mate. 

2 years, 5 months ago on Week 2 In Review...Hi Dion! | November