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Are you kidding? Do we want another one? Of course we want another one, or at least the 90's generation does. Scream accomplished one thing back in the 90's... originality! Slasher flicks about someone who was teased as a kid or psycho serial killers looking to kill a bunch of teens simply because they are actually "getting some", are a dime a dozen. They tried bringing in new ideas and new directions to go in the 2000's such as Saw and The Final Destination series, but with the new craze being remakes and reboots we need that taste of a little old school 90's original. It brings that "who done it" aspect onto our tv screens, killing one of the main characters such as Sydney, Dooey, or Gale could be a new possibility but I am very curious on where the next installment of the series could go, very much hoping there is a next one. 

2 years, 5 months ago on Do you want Scream 5? Wes Craven would like to know…


All I can say on this movie is... It better be good. I have tried over and over to get into the superman movies and cartoon, but I can't bring myself to like the "superhero" that has no weaknesses except for kryptonite... really? How the hell do the villains keep getting it cause the last time I checked amazon doesn't carry kryptonite gift baskets. Come on people make him a little vulnerable, Peter Parker can be hurt as well as Bruce Wayne, Tony Stark and even Thor... a God! Lets get creative instead of the same old tired superman story line... Lex Luther has an evil plan, superman attempts to stop him Lex hits him with kryptonite he gets rid of the krytponite and saes the day, goes home and pretends to have a normal relationship with Lois Lane while maintaining that "I'm in love with you but I could crush you with my butt cheeks so we will never have sex" vibe they always have while in the same room!

2 years, 5 months ago on Man of Steel getting post-converted to 3D