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It doesn't matter what the government wants after it's been Nullified by a State. And the Federal Government has no Authority to Overstep its Authority or sik the IRS after people either. Since the power of the United States sits with each State Individually, the Federal Government has no power. Sure, Abraham Lincoln suspended the Constitution and sent the Northern Troops to take what the South told them they could not have, which started "The Time of Northern Aggression" or what Northerners call The Civil War, and then said it was about slavery, which it wasn't. And since that "Suspension" of the Constitution was never Lifted, we are still living in a country with no Active Constitution and living under British Admiralty Law. What that in mind, being that this is 100% accurate, the only way we can keep the Powers That Be from taking from us what we have earned, is to tell them to to Sh*T in their hats and be ready, willing and able to back up our words with our Liberty's Teeth, if and when that time comes. They never taught this in school and they hope that Americans never find this out. America is a Corporation, by Law. And As Such, the Property of the District of Columbia (that's you and me) must fight for their Rights to survive. Obamacare is only there to take away what is left of what we have earned. They think they own us. Well, the flock is sick and tired of being cattle. Time to awaken the sleepers and be ready for Civil War. I'm afraid it might just come to that, if push comes to shove.

2 years, 5 months ago on Montana Voters Nullify Obamacare Mandates