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 @rcnav1  I think in today's day and age to become a citizen you have to have one parent a citizen or go through the normal channels. Just to run across the border and give birth and all three are in is a joke. If one of your parents are not here legally and not a citizen then you are not a natural born citizen even if they become legal and they plopped you out here you still are barred from the highest office.

2 years, 5 months ago on No More Waiting. Nullify Now!


Article V solves this problem in every way. Why do we keep screwing around with the 10th, when states have the ultimate authority and all they have to do is invoke that right.  We need reprieve now! Not next year or 20yrs from now we will still be here on this board complaining.  Article V is the ONLY SOLUTION THIS IS THE RIGHT REMEDY. Why mess around with Big Greedy Uncle Sam. 34 States Need to call for a Con Con and 38 to ratify


29 states have invoked that right. We need 5 more to grow a PAIR!!! and once one is called I'm sure 4 more will show up to the party. It's human nature!



Missouri,Nebraska,Nevada,New Hampshire,New Mexico,North Carolina,North Dakota, Oklahoma,Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina,South Dakota,Tennessee,Texas,Utah, Virginia,



By doing it this way we can enjoy a January 1st with ALL PROBLEMS SOLVED!!


1. Balanced Budget Amendment.


2. Repeal the 17th Amendment - Give states their power back in the senate.


3. Repeal the 16th Amendment - Make retro active once we get our debt down. However we do need something in place for National Defense, Roads etc. Maybe just use the excise taxes from gas, tobacco etc.


4. Listen to your constituents Amendment - Violation equals removal from office and prison or death. Have constituents vote on any and all items within that district.


5. No more lobbyist Amendment - Any violation would fall under the RICO Act for all parties involved. Violation equals removal from office and prison or death.


6. States rights to repeal any amendment -states probably won't need to use it with all the above in place but put it there anyway.


7. Repeal the 14th Amendment - This could be touchy but as a true American you would agree. this can't continue for our sovereign nation.


8. Voter ID Amendment - We all have to have an ID to cash checks, drive, get SS, so why not a national voter card - nothing more than to make sure your a citizen - not a felon etc. Just reissue a new SSN ID card. Make it so it fits the voter machine no card no vote!


9 National Voter Machines Standards Amendment - We need to clean this shit up.


10. Get rid of the FED Amendment.


11. Restore the war powers balance Amendment - Congress has to decide to declare war or maybe the states should be the trump on this one. The president should have the freedom to commit troops for up to six months, similar to that of the War Powers Resolution of 1973. But to keep them there requires a vote by the states or congress. depends upon who the power should reside with.


12. Electoral college split up Amendment. Right now even though I live in a swing state I am tired of it always coming down to a handful. If you ever had to watch TV you would see why. I do not propose a popular vote period! This is what I mean. Every congressional districts electoral votes goes to the presidential candidate that wins that district. Both Senators from each state has to roll with the total popular vote from each state. For example: In Ohio there are 16 congressional districts. If candidate "A" wins in 8 districts. Candidate "A" gets "8" electoral votes. Candidate "B" gets "8" electoral votes from their wins in the other districts. Now the winner of the popular vote total in the state gets the 2 remaining electoral votes. I feel this is a more balanced approach.


We have 9 states that are in the game and everybody else is disfranchised. No popular vote under no circumstances, if you want to know why, Just say you take NYC, LA, Chicago, Philadelphia, Miami, cleveland and Dallas all swing one way or another. The rest of the USA doesn't matter. You will never have a voice.


Open to Idea's Here! If you think of something better please respond.


12. Instituting Judiciary Term Limits and Fire ability for SCOTUS.  decide on 4,6,8,10 year term limits. if 3/4 of the states don't like you hit the road jack.


13. Make SCOTUS read the Constitution as it is written Period. - Just read the constitution and quit making it fit an opinion or an ideal. When our forefathers wrote the document I don't think that the population were all Harvard graduates at that time. It was made simple. why they try to discern what a word might mean is ridiculous.


The right to keep and bear arms means - The right to keep and bear arms period.


If SCOTUS and some dimwits had their way it would mean - I have the right to keep my left and right arms and if I want to bear them more power to me. The sh#t they pull of in that court is BS.


14. We the people give pay raises amendment. - Not congress or the senate. If you want a raise put it on a ballot in the presidential election year. We will let you know if you deserve one



15. Repeal the patriot Act


16. Repeal NDAA


17. Repeal OBAMACARE


18. Marriage is between ONE MAN and ONE WOMAN.






These are a handful that can clean up the mess If I left anything out feel free to add. I am bipartisan if we don't agree on something I'm sure we could find a solution faster than the @sswipes in D.C.


All I know is what is going on now! HAS TO BE STOPPED

2 years, 5 months ago on No More Waiting. Nullify Now!