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If we need to nominate a goat here, it is not Young. I'd nominate Punto for the dunderhead pick off. How can a veteran player make that mistake in that situation?? And after he'd actually done something offensively. Incredibly head-up-the-ass-ish. Second place to Howell for giving up the jack to a 97 pound weakling. In this series that run might as well have been five.

11 months, 1 week ago on NLCS Game 4: Cardinals 4, Dodgers 2, So It’s Come To Michael Young at Shortstop


Give up 2 hits and still lose?  Talk about Mattingly all you want but both of these losses are on the offense.  Puig is killing us - he is simply overmatched by Molina and whomever is on the mound.  His expressions say he is in for an 0 for the series.  You have to move him down.

11 months, 2 weeks ago on NLCS Game 2: No Hanley, No Ethier


Cue Randy Newman

1 year, 10 months ago on 2012 Dodgers in Review #24: RF Andre Ethier


Agree - it does not make sense to me when other teams are talking to Hunter about a starting spot.  Only makes sense in conjunction with other moves and, despite what seems like slim liklihood, that would be moving Ethier.   


Everyone wants to act like the Dodger checkbook is bottomless, but flinging money around foolishly in any sport will come back to bite at some point.  Don't forget who put up a big chunk of the billions to buy the  club - they will need a return on their money.  Seeing some well-reasoned frugality would not be a bad thing. 

1 year, 10 months ago on Official: Dodgers Win Bidding on Hyun-Jin Ryu


Don't recall any discussion here of Stephen Drew for SS, moving Hanley to 3B.  Maybe the Drew name is banned on this board since J.D. slunk out of town.  Assuming Drew's knees are sound and the terms are right (2-3 years , $8-9 million per), I'd prefer that to the aging glove of Youk and stone glove of  Ramirez trying to hold down the left side.  Drew and Ramirez defensively wouldn't conjure up Schmidt-Bowa memories of the 80's Phillies teams, but pickings are slim..


And if the Red Sox are shopping Ellsbury, as Bowden at ESPN suggests (he is in his walk year with Boras as his agent), would you trade Ethier straight up for Ellsbury (a Bowden trade scenario)?  Dodgers likely only get a year of Ellsbury (but with walk year motivation) but get rid of a bad contract, and solve their leadoff hitter for a year anyway.  Boston doesn't want Ethier's contract either but they do have a hole in rightfield and have shown interest in Ethier in the pasat. 

1 year, 10 months ago on Dodgers Interested in Kevin Youkilis, And Why Not?