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As a UK fan and grad, I am in the minority in that I am more of a UK football fan than a UK basketball fan. I ready pretty much every post on this site and genuinely agree with them and this one as well. However, I will say that UK has done well for itself in attendance when looking at the national rankings for attendance in the FBS. Since 2003, UK has finished no worse than 31st in the nation in average attendance, according to these statistics:

Now, your claim of them being one of the least-supported teams in the SEC is founded by these stats because of actual stadium size. When you look at % full against stadium capacity since 2003, UK's lowest % full was 84% in '06 and highest was 103% in '09 for an average of 95% for that span. That seems like pretty good fan support to me and is better than Arkansas, Alabama, Ole Miss, Mississippi State and Vandy over that span. That seems like pretty good fan support to me. Again, I'm a fan of this site and mostly agree with you on every topic but I had to stick up for my school this time.

2 years, 5 months ago on Only 18,885 Fans Showed Up For UK-VU Last Saturday; Think Rupp Would Ever Be Just 27% Full?