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Hey guys.I've commented before how much I enjoy your guys work. Being a Tennessee Oiler fan from back in the day, and not having the NFL ticket, you guys are my source for TItan info the past few years. And I have a couple questions, that to be honest don't have a thing to do about the Dolphns Titans game.


First, as I watch the Jaguars - Colts game a question I've had for a while came to mind. Is it just me or do the Titans never go after big or just semi relevant names and if we do we rarely use them if at all. Watching Donnie Avery play this year, I've been impressed. I know he isn't a awesome playmaker, but he's better than Hawkins, Williams, and Mariani. And he's not even on the team anymore, while the three previously mentioned are? The other example being Randy Moss. I know he wasn't the Randy Moss of old, but surely he could have cracked the starting lineup. I really like Kenny Britt and Nate Washington, but c'mon he could have started somewhere. Do you share my concern that their has to be something going on behind the scenes?


My second being, is there any way Gray returns as DC next year? I feel as Titans fan we have always excepted having a OK offensive, and prided ourself on our awesome defensive. Now, not only have we lost a step, but we're probably the worst D in the league. How could we have fallen so far? Do we have any plans to get this team back on track that makes any sense to us fans?


Thanks guys.

2 years, 4 months ago on Phins Phocus answers questions from Total Titans