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John, this is a garbage post.  Given the lack of historical success, UK fans have been wildly supportive of UK football (think South Carolina, pre-Holtz).  We regularly fill up commonwealth stadium (prior to this year), even when fortunes are grim.  Ironically, it is this loyalty that has allowed our university to continue putting an inferior product on the field b/c they knew damn well that we would all show up each week regardless of their neglect and unwillingness to pour resources into the product.


Now, we are finally ACTING like a real football school by not showing up to support a bad product.  Take a look at what's going on at Auburn and Tennessee...thousands and thousands of empties each and every week.  UK fans FINALLY get it that the ONLY way to get our message across to the administration is by not showing up.  That forced Barnhart's hand, even when he has made every effort to retain his good buddy, Joker Philips. 


UK does not have poor fan support.  UK is not Indiana or Vanderbilt.  We may not be Alabama when it comes to fan devotion, but I'd put our loyalty-per-win ratio right up there with the heavyweights in our conference.  If I ever live to see the day when UK is winning 9 and 10 games a year, then you couldn't build a stadium big enough to house all of the demand.  Fans that don't care don't send 50,000-60,000 fans to nashville for the second-rate MUSIC CITY bowl (UK did this twice, against Clemson and FSU, respectively).  Fans that don't care don't send 50,000 fans to tampa against penn state in 98.  We are STARVED for football success.  UK fans love basketball b/c we're great at it, have great history, have a great coach, etc; but UK fans also want to support football in teh same manner.  If our school ever rewarded us with an investment in the program, then you'll see UK fans (once again) fill up the stadium every week. 


So, please don't be lazy like the Chris Lows and the Pat Fordes of the world who act like UK fans don't care.  We do.  A lot.  The empty stadium against vandy was a concerted effort by the fans to send a message.  It worked.

2 years, 5 months ago on Only 18,885 Fans Showed Up For UK-VU Last Saturday; Think Rupp Would Ever Be Just 27% Full?