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Dear Nathaniel, Thank you very much for covering SellanApp on Pandodaily. SellanApp offers a unique way to connect the creative community having ideas for mobile apps with developers using crowd-funding. This to make it possible for everyone to have their own app published in the App Store, no funds or coding knowledge required. It all starts with mocking up your App Idea using our iPad App. As you explained it’s powered by App Cooker, which itself has received rave reviews in both iTunes and on the web for it’s possibilities and ease of use. We are happy to announce that all issues you have pointed out -including the lack of full retina support- will be addressed in our next release which will be available in the App Store next month (free). The new version will even more simpler to use and offers even more powerful options to create great mock-ups as a starting point to make your App Idea Happen on SellanApp. Thanks again for your write-up! Aernoud Dekker CEO, SellanApp

2 years, 5 months ago on SellanApp launches to crowdsource the gap between concept and reality