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@gregpomeroy1 @bmatlock5 Help me understand which violations we are waiting on punishment for?  The incident with Maurice Couch, Tyler Bray, and lest we forget Alabama OL DJ Fluker?  Bray and Fluker should get the same punishment, and Couch got the death penalty when at the same time Hasean Clinton-Dix for like 2 games for taking money from a coach.  Alabama fans seem to look at this as a non-story and someone out to get them.  Hopefully for your sake, your right.  SMU didn't think there was a problem either.

8 months ago on Another Round With The T-Town Menswear Story


Can someone please tell me how the average everyday fan can get game used apparel to get autographed.  I have seen some scrub jerseys on Ebay and UTSPORTS used to sell scrub jerseys and cleats on its website, but I never saw players like the ones this guy has.  Can I just call the athletic office and ask the to send me a game used Marquez North jersey and they will do it?  That seems to be how it is done at Alabama.  I don't know who is dumber, the players who deal with this guy or the fans who cannot understand how this should be a violation

8 months, 1 week ago on Another Round With The T-Town Menswear Story


i would love to know how many were actually at the UT-Troy game.  they claim 80k+.  i don't buy it

1 year, 10 months ago on Only 18,885 Fans Showed Up For UK-VU Last Saturday; Think Rupp Would Ever Be Just 27% Full?