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Hey Jon, enjoyed the article and summary. Over the past couple years in NYC, there's been a lot of activity in enterprise technology, and some of it appears to be bearing fruit. You mentioned Fintech Innovation Lab, another incubator focused on enterprise worthy to mention is NYC SeedStart.

Of course, I run a similiar size group in New York City called the Enterprise Tech Meetup ( After bringing in dozens of senior executives from startups and large corporations, we’ve noticed not only is there a lot of startup activity focused on enterprise, but corporations from a variety of verticals are also increasingly interested in engaging with these early-stage companies.

2 years, 5 months ago on Fifteen NYC-based enterprise startups to keep an eye on


Hey Michael, thanks for the report. It's great to see energy being put into startups in the enterprise space, which is something we've put a lot of work into with the Enterprise Tech Meetup ( here in NYC. Small correction, the spelling for the DC accelerator btw is Acceleprise.

2 years, 5 months ago on Enterprise accelerator Alchemist bags giant backer SAP Ventures, adds Yammer CTO to faculty