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Gini, nice post, good insight. This has been on my mind lately because of the number of political "promoted posts".  While it has helped my manage my "friends" list, some of the posts are driven from family members with differing views, so while those cannot be eliminated, they still really P*&^ me off.  With this FB is trying to monetize the "Reach" the platform offers; as the political posts show though Reach without targeting is like Gin without Topics, it has little value.  Because I like my conservative uncle, and he likes conservative politics and politicians, my timeline is littered with promoted posts that really annoy me.  From the beginning FB has been capricious in their treatment of the community of users (the product) and gotten away relatively unscathed. As a public company, it needs to operate differently; the question is can they?

2 years, 4 months ago on Facebook Promoted Posts Remove the Level Playing Field


When Charlie Sheen says he has Tiger's blood; does he mean Tiger Woods?

4 years ago on Gin and Topics: Train Wrecks Across the Web