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Oh spare us the LIES and crocodile tears. 

The EVIDENCE proves that since the ACA was enacted, Health Care costs have SLOWED to the most favorable levels in decades. My personal premium went down from $720 to $348 and I get ACTUAL COVERAGE. 

So, what is the "point" of your FALSE and MISLEADING narrative if it isn't to "return to the status quo" which gives the Insurance Companies this unfettered right to deny coverage on a fabricated technicality? Oh, I forgot. 

You are just another "paid for" voice that is as phony as the "Tea Party" itself. What a JOKE that you try to "impute" propaganda to the Obama Administration from PROVIDING a net SAVINGS of TRILLIONS to the Treasury over the next 100 years (that is, on account of the ACA and assuming the People are poisoned to death by Benzene and Methane via GOP "fracking") but lo and behold, fail to juxtapose that against the GOP predecessor or its proffered heir.

Taken to its illogical conclusion, Jeb Bush’s rhetoric fails to account for the $4 TRILLION+ that the “unilateralism”/Bush Doctrine proximately resulted in “costs to the US Taxpayers” in Iraq. Now, of course, the Foreign Puppeteer funding the “Tea Party” wants to “divide post-WWII Western Civilization” by hypocritically denouncing “Russian aggression” when, as here, there is NO MENTION whatsoever of the “cause and effect” of Putin “not establishing order via Military force in Ukraine.” What, is the Bush Administration/Tea Party’s decision “not to declare martial law” after invading Iraq not as much of a proximate cause for the “chaos” that ensued?

Tell me, what "good" for the People are these PHONY "distinctions" between one alleged "wing" of the GOP when THEY ALL VOTE THE SAME WAY? For all the shopworn BS about how "ideology" drives the decisions, it is just allegiance to the SAME lobbyist regime that RULES the GOP and, as such, operates to SUBVERT the People's best interests. So, feel free to "regurgitate" this LOBBYIST-driven narrative that whether or not GOP incumbents like Sen. Cornyn are "primaried" for "not being conservative enough" makes one iota of difference to the voters. It doesn't. The “new” Tea Party GOP is modeled after “the Reagan figurehead leader” model than W personified.

Above all, if the last Bush Administration inherited the STRONGEST US Economy in History- with a record surplus, no less- why would any rational, educated voter believe for one second that the RESULTS that followed- the Bush Administration left office with RECORD DEFICITS that were only exacerbated when its DEREGULATON of Wall St. REQUIRED the very “government bailouts” it futilely attempts to “pin” on President Obama. Gee, not unlike how Tea Party puppet Rand Paul is trying to “pin” the UNLAWFUL NSA program on President Obama DESPITE the EVIDENCE that the program was PUT IN PLACE by the Bush Administration. How is this UNDISPUTED FACT not even challenged in the (once mighty) Media?

Equally inapt is the “paid for” poll data that (ahem) the democrats will not pick up substantial seats in the House in 2014 by simply running on passing much more comprehensive Budgetary measures (e.g., closing Corporate tax loopholes) to "bolster" this underlying STRENGTHENING of the State by working on behalf of the People again (see, “Inequality for All” documentary on Netflix Instant). What, after the Tea Party-led GOP has made repeated ADMISSIONS about its intent to “kill Social Security/Medicaid/Medicare”…voters aren’t going to “vote the lesser of two evils into power” and, in doing so, (what else) simply avert the "suicidal" Tea Party politics? Sure, right.

Here, the FOREIGN FUNDED GOP is going to "bet" its fortunes on the Tea Party candidates that effectuated the injurious "shut down" and overt threats to "end all entitlements"…despite the “political suicide” that entails. As such, voters are just going to vote them out. 

Between (1) "a democratic majority that ends corporate giveaways" and (2) "a Tea Party-led anarchy that wants to nail the coffin shut on the middle class by refusing to even fund the State, Education, Health Care, General Welfare and Common Defense"? For what the democrats may lack in terms of controlling the Media message, they make up for in pragmatic appeal and clearly provide the best path back to what America was under Clinton Administration. 

All Jeb Bush wants to do is “finish the plan” to reform the Federal government into a shell of what Federalism REQUIRES such that a few “tax free” states (TX, WY and FL) can further “erode” Federalism and run roughshod over the Dormant Commerce Clause with such unlawful piracy of the Several States’ established businesses. None of this is “good” for America and, when asked if it is even lawful, the GOP “leaders” like Jeb Bush REFUSE TO ANSWER TRUTHFULLY.

Is that what the voters want? The “Decider” to “wage war on entitlements at home” and “create conflicts” abroad that purportedly “justify” the UNLAWFUL DIVERSION of US TAXPAYER REVENUE to, gee, Iraq, Ukraine, Syria, etc.

Conspicuously, despite their repeated lip service to the Constitution, NOT ONE GOP ‘LEADER’ can reconcile the UNLAWFUL RESTRAINT that their “pledge” to a LOBBYIST has on performing their FUNCTION as an elected official in Congress, i.e., the PLENARY POWER to RAISE REVENUE.

Sorry, there is NOTHING in Article I, Section 8- much less the 14th Amendment- that “sanctions” the disparate treatment of CORPORATIONS under Federal Income tax laws. Period.

The IRS must “claw back” ALL FEDERAL INCOME TAX OWED SINCE 2000 as a matter of “strict construction” of the Constitution.

"After the event, even the fool is wise." - Viscount Symonds

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Taken to its illogical conclusion, the SAME GOP declarants prating on and on about their "plan to repeal and replace" the ACA (or "Obamacare") oppose raising taxes to PAY for the GOP's "Obamacare reform," correct?

Tell me, why is it that the (once mighty) media has yet to even force a GOP member of Congress to DIRECTLY ADDRESS the fiscal cost of “repealing and replacing"
Obamacare- that is, approximate the ACTUAL, out-of-pocket cost including, but
not limited to (1) the rising, unsustainable costs of Health Care under the
prior format to be reinstated [i.e., with ZERO guarantees whatsoever they won’t
be HIGHER]; (2) the direct and indirect costs to date of passing Obamacare and
implementation [i.e., what, do you think the People don’t absorb the ACTUAL
costs to date if the GOP gets to “repeal” or “undo” Obamacare?] and (3) then
add, of course, the direct and indirect costs of "changing back to the old

Equally inapt is the notion that the (once mighty) media has no will or ability to even question the legality of the GOP’s proposed State Action on a wide array of political issues that touch and concern Fundamental Rights of the People.

What, the CITIZENS of the Several
 States don’t have Due Process rights 
selectively incorporated via the 14th 
Amendment if the “paid for” Tea Party FALSE and MISLEADING super-PAC bribes say so? 

What, the case law OUTLAWING 
Gerrymandering based on race “is no
 longer the law” if the “paid for” Tea Party FALSE and MISLEADING super-PAC bribes say so? [see, Shaw v. Hunt 
(1996) 517 U.S. 899] 

What, the case law OUTLAWING Gerrymandering based on
politics “is no longer the law” 
 if the “paid for” Tea Party FALSE and MISLEADING super-PAC bribes say so? [see,
Davis v. Bandemer (1986) 478
U.S. 109]

That too, is a subversive 
notion, and is
 as bereft of legal authority as the shopworn notion that "the Citizens United decision" somehow "protects" UNPROTECTED SPEECH, e.g., blatantly FALSE and MISLEADING "statistics" about the ACA. It is time for the People to DEMAND that the Executive branch actually wield the Separation of Powers in order to ensure the People get the benefit of the Social Contract our Founding Fathers entered into. By way of example, there is EXPRESS LANGUAGE in the Constitution that touch and  concerns (1)  the Appointment Power and (2) the legal duty [read: PLENARY POWER] of Congress to RAISE REVENUE to provide for the General Welfare and Common Defense. There is nothing "discretionary" about these FUNCTIONS of our government and it is time for the Executive branch to coerce COMPLIANCE with the CONSTITUTION the GOP members of Congress have made official admissions regarding a "strict construction."

The doctrine of judicial estoppel is sometimes referred to as the doctrine of preclusion of inconsistent positions as applied to any official proceedings [Jackson v. County of Los Angeles (1997) 60 Cal.App.4th 171, 181]; in order to maintain the integrity of the government, judicial estoppel precludes a party from gaining an advantage by taking one position, and then seeking a second advantage by taking an incompatible position in disputes involving the same set of operative facts. Id.; Scripps Clinic v. Superior Court (2003) 108 Cal.App.4th 917, 943. Here, the Speaker (and GOP Congress) expressly asserts that Article I, Section 8's express language mandating Congress raise revenue for the People's "general WELFARE" is somehow "discretionary", despite the fact that the evidentiary record proves the same Speaker, Senate and Congress (or collectively: “Speaker”) have all repeatedly admitted, acknowledged and, indeed, required that the Congress pause and take formal notice of the absolute importance of a “strict construction” of the Social Contract in dispassionately discharging a wide range of government duties under the Doctrine of Enumerated Powers, e.g., Judicial Confirmation hearings, et al. 

Notably, because not a SINGLE member of the (once mighty) media has even asked GOP declarants to cite a single
 mandatory authority for, say, "abolishing the IRS," and Sen. Cruz clearly cannot
 cite to SPECIFIC provisions within the 
CONSTITUTION itself to even lend support 
to your collective "wishful"
construction of our laws and Social 
Contract (i.e., the Doctrine of Enumerated Powers works and is), the Tea Party’s entire "dog and pony show" is outside the ambit of lawful 
State Action.

Enough of this purported "duty" of OUR CONGRESSIONAL REPRESENTATIVES to "raise revenue" to "improve the general welfare of the Ukrainian or Iraqi or Afghani citizens." 

Our Congress is NOT above the law. 

"Thy love afar is spite at home." - Emerson

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