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I have had huge boobs since the fourth grade no kidding they were so embarrassing because most of my classmates had not even started developing breasts at that age as the years went by the larger they became by the time I was in highschool I was a size 40L my nickmame was milk truck the guys used to shout it up and down the hall way they would always try to grope or grab at me the girls were always so jealous and told me I should be proud of them show them off I hated them and did everything I could to hide them as much as possible I even went to the extreme as duct taping them down when I would put my bra on. just so they wouldnt be protruding out so far that I couldnt see my feet.  So all of you small busted women out there I envy you if you ever thought you would love huge breasts your were mistaken besides the ridicule in high school and the back pain now I would love to be rid of them I am currently looking to get a reduction but I have that fear that they may grow back.  I am happy to find a place that sells my size bras and they are

actually comfortable  thanks Linda..

2 years, 5 months ago on Breasts: Is Bigger Better?