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Hmmm... I think I know why they asked you! ;) Thanks again for agreeing to speak Arik. And thanks for sharing your preso. 

1 year, 9 months ago on Likable content: How to create social media content that gets clicks


I love the dj analogy! I'm a talk radio junkie, and when I think of a great radio program - be it A Prairie Home Companion, This American Life or a local drive-time show, they all have a general blueprint they follow each time that establishes consistency & gets people feeling comfy. Then within that framework, the talent delivers great content. In social media marketing, ideally,a company has a good strategy that allows for a fair amount of freedom in tactics. But I suspect what is more often the case is either there is no strategy, or the company hired the talent (Community Manager) on the cheap so they don't trust them to have the wisdom and creativity to improvise on the fly - thus, pre-approved, scheduled posts.

2 years, 2 months ago on Programmed Content Kills Community


Really interesting discussion, Arik. It's been my experience that the best work happens when we work with people we respect and trust. That rarely means we agree on everything. Tough decisions are made all the time in business -- decisions that require people to hash it out and figure out the best solution. Part of creating an effective team that avoids group-think is intentionally filling it with diversity in gifts, talents, experience, temperament, work style and world-views. The ideal key traits everyone would have in common are passion, commitment, work ethic, great listening & social skills, and a common goal. Chris Kluwe @ChrisWarcraft  is about as opinionated as it gets, but is best friends with a teammate whose lifestyle, world-view and opinions are as different as night and day. What do they share? Mutual respect and trust: It's not that I don't want the work. But if someone has a problem working with me just because of a political tweet or Facebook post I've made, what will their stance be when we disagree on business matters? How will they communicate when tough choices have to be made? Are they the type of person who is willing to enter into dialogue, listen, actually let information in, and be swayed if the logic is sound? If not, they are likely not a great fit for a sustainable business relationship anyhow. I'm a consultant, not an order-taker. If someone just wants to hire a person to agree with them, they can get an intern. (No offense, interns.)

2 years, 4 months ago on Should PR folks be sharing their political viewpoints on Facebook?