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The new Kyle Field will have some of these ridiculous club suites. It's going to be amazing!

11 months, 2 weeks ago on The Future Of Football Stadiums Is Here; How Long Before An SEC School Follows Suit?


 @John at MrSEC   @TAMU Well, if you read my post -- really read it, everything that's written -- you'd realize that I specifically said "Blog Titles". "GOT STUPID? A&M TAUNTS UF WITH BILLBOARD IN GAINESVILLE" My apologies, you didn't call the A&M student body stupid, you called the entirety of Texas A&M stupid. Furthermore, it was speculation. We had no idea who actually did it at the time and yet, this is the Blog Title you chose. In the post, you mention that "one person can ruin the party". However, I specifically said Blog titles. We live in a world of skimming. People read through stuff as fast as they can. However, one thing is for sure. Everyone reads the title of an article. It appears on search engines and it sets the tone for the entire blog. THAT is what A&M people were complaining about in a post that you later went on to defend saying "A&M needs to learn to take the bad with the good". 


Don't stereotype and don't speculate in your Blog titles. In today's world, Titles speak as loudly as your entire post. BTW All I had to do was search Stupid and A&M and your article was the 3rd one.

1 year, 11 months ago on SEC Game Roundup: Bama Survives LSU Test, A&M Rises, MSU Falls, UT Defense Flops


 @TAMU He is just saying that Johnny means a lot to the team. Like Colin Klein to K-State. He doesn't need to apologize for that. The only thing he needs to stop doing is making blog titles that stereotype the entire A&M student body as stupid. I've been reading this site WAY back around when we almost left the Big 12 conference for the first time. He never stereotyped Alabama fans as stupid when one of them teabagged an LSU fan nor did he call out the entire Alabama fan base as unclassy when Toomer's(spelling) Corner was poisoned.

1 year, 12 months ago on SEC Game Roundup: Bama Survives LSU Test, A&M Rises, MSU Falls, UT Defense Flops