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Gotta disagree. 

Yes, it seems to be the nature of the internet. Hell, it's the nature of industry. Hell, it's the nature of NATURE. Copying happens, ideas are "borrowed", things get stolen. 

If you were who I thought you were, you wouldn't have cared, or written this post, or drawn attention to the copycats. If you are as good at what you do as you say you are, then it shouldn't matter. If someone copies you, then succeeds where you haven't, whose fault is that? 

Anyone can steal from anyone else. Every silly law out there may try to protect/prosecute whoever, but people still steal. All you've done with this post is make yourself a bigger target to future thieves. Instead, you should have kept doing what you do, except do it better, bigger, more persistently. 

This was rather childish. 

1 year, 11 months ago on On Stealing Shit


Yes. . . .and. . .?

2 years, 5 months ago on Microsoft Vs. Apple: A Tale of Two Stores