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I had big breasts til age 32, when I had breast reduction surgery. I had the surgery because the weight of my breasts were causing the bra straps to dig into my shoulders. I was wearing expensive 40EE bras. After reading Linda's how to be fitted correctly for a bra, I wonder if the 40EE was the correct size. During surgery, three pounds of tissue was removed. So today I have smaller breasts. I like them better. No pain from the straps digging into my shoulders. Sometimes I go braless, but it's not really all that comfortable. According to Linda's how to be fitted for a bra, my new bra size is a 30F.  I'm wearing a 36C and it's not right. Too big.  Today I am in my 60s.  funlady

2 years, 5 months ago on Breasts: Is Bigger Better?