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I am huge-chested:  36JJ European size.   That's like 36P American, but American companies don't even make that size.  No question; I would rather be smaller,  perhaps 36C or D.  Getting clothes that fit and look right has always been a huge hassle, and I looked chubby even when I was young and slender.   Thanks to Linda, however, I have finally -- in my 40's -- gotten fitted correctly, and now I don't hate being big chested nearly as much.    Now about the men:  Choose a man whom you like, and who likes you as you are, with your breast size being just one attribute.   I, of course, date men who like really big boobs, but I've heard it said that some men don't want more than a handful.  To each his own!

2 years, 5 months ago on Breasts: Is Bigger Better?